Alpine Herbal Face Cream - 50ml

Size: 50ml

Alpine herbal face cream with natural anti-aging

Every day our skin is exposed to environmental factors, either outside with harsh weather or inside with the effects of central heating. These conditions can dry out our skin leaving it prone to premature aging and wrinkles.

  • The alpine herbs and natural anti-aging extracts in our 24 hour face cream provides your skin with the necessary moisture it needs.
  • The skin is protected during the day and helped to regenerate and rejuvenate over night.
  • The all natural ingredients leave your skin looking healthier and fresher
  • This luxurious face cream contains yellow gentian,hay flowers, chamomile, sweet clover and marigold extracts.

 It is a first class natural product from Exmonte.

Paraffin Free, Bio Controlled, Austria

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