Marmot Ointment - 100ml

Marmot ointment is a popular, proven traditional liniment widely used and available in Alpine areas as it has been for centuries.

For centuries the oil contained in the fat of alpine mammals, called marmots, has played a very important role for human beings. It has very special physical and chemical properties which make it beneficial when applied to the joints, back, shoulders, neck and muscles. It is widely used throughout Alpine countries and around the world with its effects being felt after only a few days of use. 

Our customers tell us marmot ointment helps with:

  • GOUT

We have many repeat customers who visit us over and over again.

  • Contains no paraffin
  • Has carefully selected ingredients
  • Manufactured under the strictest criteria, making it a first class natural product.


  • Apply morning and night by massaging into the skin over the affected area.
  • Use for 3 weeks
  • pause for a week before resuming use if necessary. 

Do not apply the ointment to open wounds, mucous membranes or the eye area. 
Discontinue use if an allergic reaction occurs. 
Not suitable for young children and infants.


"  I bought  this ointment when I was on holiday in St Gilgen  in Austria.It is the only thing that helps when I have a painful flare up of my shoulders and neck due to arthritis, as I had finished the jar I was very relieved to find I could buy it in the UK.Many thanks."Lorna

"The marmot ointment is used by my 95 year old mother and she gets relief in her knee from it.She has used other ointments but she swears the marmot is the best by far."Kieran ,Co Wexford. 

"We were recommended this cream  by a friend,  for my husband , who suffers from an old sports injury to his knee,we were not disappointed! Within a couple of days of using it, his knee felt much easier, so much so that he decided to try it on his neck that he also has problems with and again it worked a treat.My father-in law came round complaining of a stiff neck.We gave him some of the marmot ointment to try and within the couple of days he had ordered his own jar ! We thoroughly recommend this ointment.Gemma and David, Yorkshire.   

"Started with joint pain in my early 30 and tried various creams that are available in the UK, not much help until my parents spotted marmot ointment whilst on a touring holiday.Much relief, it works !! Now I can buy it in the UK and it helps me with joint pain/stiff neck.A little bit goes a long way too.Great stuff."  J.Clarke UK.



Use of Marmots

Many people ask us about the marmots used to produce the marmot ointment.The marmot is a large Alpine rodent that lives in the mountainous area of the Alps.They are very abundant and as such, the numbers of them are controlled, due to their negative impact on the farming industry. Marmot ointment is a bi-product of this. They are not farmed or culled in order to produce the ointment.

Paraffin Free, Bio Controlled, Austria

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