Mandarin Sports Spray - 100ml

Size: 100ml

Mandarin sports spray is excellent for over worked tired muscles giving a refreshed easing feeling.
  • Mandarin Sport Spray refreshes muscles after physical over exertion.
  • The spray activates the muscle tissue and promotes blood to the area which helps muscles feel to recover quicker.
  • This action  increases healing and ongoing performance capabilities.
  • A convenient spray application is excellent for using after the gym, jogging, cycling, gardening or other physical activity.
  • This muscle rub will feel great.

The Mandarin sports spray is entirely paraffin-free, produced under the strictest controls and is a top-class natural product.


  • Simply spray onto the affected areas and massage in with a small circular motion.
Not to be applied to the eyes, mucous membranes or open wounds. In case of skin irritations immediately cease usage. Not suitable for children under 3 years old


Paraffin Free, Bio Controlled, Austria

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